Our Programs

The Jyoti Awareness Foundation Scheme is a professional development programme run by a partnership of charities, and is carefully designed to find and grow the future leaders of non-profit organisations in a cost-effective way.

The programme will be made up of Six modules, the class will attend a variety of sessions:Environmental,Power,Health,Education,Self Help Group,Skill Development Program.


Cleanliness is both the abstract state of being clean and free from dirt, and the process of achieving and maintaining that state.

Our environmental advisory division also aids rehabilitation projects. Furthermore, we help companies assess their carbon footprint on the environment. Our services include carbon trading as well as development and execution of Clean Development Mechanism plans. With our integrated environment services, clients can ensure that their core business processes stay eco-friendly without losing efficiency or profitability.

Green Revolution

Is your business practicing sustainable development? Do you understand the impact of your business activities on the social and ecological environment around you? As the world gets evermore eco-conscious, businesses need to face the environment challenge heads on. This is why we offer TechMech's Environmental Advisory division. Our expert teams help clients manage their environmental impact and take a proactive approach towards impact management. To this end, we offer waste management services and impact assessment and planning.


The power and utilities industry has witnessed an upsurge fuelled by the rapid urbanisation and globalization of India.

As new and expensive housing developments sprout up, urban populations shoot up and international businesses enter the market, there is a much higher need for power and utilities to back them up. We offer solutions across all major operations of power & utility companies, including generation, supply, delivery and sales. We also help our clients meet the mandatory regulations and industry standards which are a must to compete in this field. Our aim is to increase efficiency of your business as well as workers. We work to offer the best solutions to optimize your operations and increase profitability. From infrastructure development to IT support, our teams are trained to offer solutions for all your needs..


The healthcare sector in India is a colossal amalgamation of the private and the public.

Where private hospital chains run prosperously across the metros, public healthcare schemes are a lifeline for the rural public. In such conditions, TechMech has a range of professionals with expertise in both markets. We understand the core challenges of businesses across the sector, from hospitals and public healthcare organizations to biotech firms and medical products.

Healthcare is one sector where demand is always constant. No amount of economic downturns or market fluctuations can affect demand for basic medical care. We understand the nature and evolution of business in this sector. We offer expertise to improve operational efficiencies and take strategic business decisions. We also provide in-depth customer understanding and other critical information about supply chains, market dynamics and success factors for the sector.


Jyoti Awareness offers a wide range of services specifically designed for and oriented to the education sector.

The education sector in India is a comprehensive mix of private schooling and public services. In such a diverse market, we understand the diversity of challenges faces by companies, based on their business model and customer base. TechMech's professionals offer industry experience so that our solutions prove to be viable as well as profitable.

From infrastructure development to training for your staff, our team can help in you at every step of establishing and running your educational institute. We offer a range of expertise for the various facets of your business - IT, financing, educational consultants and much more. We take your business to the right target market and help you meet industry and market standards.

Self Help Group

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Skill Development Program

The Student Career Skills Development Program (SCSDP) partners with not-for-profit organizations to create career-related summer jobs for post-secondary students. The jobs will be distributed across the province based on population and unemployment for each county.

We implement technology solutions across your company and ensure that these fit your future needs while staying compatible with the present structure. Our professional services include implementation of IT systems within the company, due diligence audits, network audits and much more.

Skills Development helps:-

Businesses and employers create new jobs and improve the skills of their current workforce.
Job seekers and employees acquire new skills or upgrade existing skills to advance their careers.

A business, consortium of businesses, or trade union identifies a training need, and then partners with a public community or technical college to fill its specific needs. Businesses work with college partners to submit proposals, develop curricula and conduct training. The Skills Development Fund pays for the training, and the college administers the grant.